Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wool Shopping in Iceland - PART THREE

Before we'd gone to Reykjavik on holiday we'd bought ourselves a copy of the 'Lonely Planet' guide to Iceland - and one of the things they mentioned for anyone spending a weekend in Reykjavik was to check out the local 'fleamarket' which is open every Saturday and Sunday morning.

We thought we'd give it a go as we were having a lazy day around the city :)

It was a bit of a mish-mash of different things - people at one end selling potatoes, shark meat and other foods (there were lots of free samples but we didn't try them!) and then at the other end you had book sellers, jewellery makers, second-hand toys etc and this wool/handknit stand!

I'd recommend to anyone going to Iceland who was wanting to buy a Lopi hand-knit jumper to go here first (there was more than one seller selling them in the market) - they were a fraction of the cost of the ones being sold in the flash high-street shops.

I still love the one that I'd bought from a shop in the high-street but if you just wanted a very traditional one, in regular colours then the market would be a better option.

I was over the moon to see that this lady was selling 'cakes' of wool from her stand as well as the jumpers, scarves, hats etc. I bought these three 'cakes' -- I'm not sure what I'll do with them just yet but I'm sure I'll find a use.

It's a fine, single ply spun yarn, made from pure wool.

I haven't started using any of my wools from Iceland yet as I have been trying to restock my Etsy shop and it's quicker and easier to work with stuff I've already used (no working out if I need to alter the pattern or think about which size hook to use etc)

I've also made two pairs of wrist warmers in the King Cole 'Galaxy' in black yarn - one with silver holographic sequins and the other with sequins in all different colours --- they are for someone locally. Working with black yarn just about drives me cross eyed (especially in the evening) but I love how they turned out; I haven't taken a photo of them just yet though!

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