Tuesday, May 31, 2016

End of the Month Round Up!

How did it get to be the last day of May already? I'm bracing myself for the start of the busy season at work - this weekend is the June bank holiday so it'll be pretty bonkers on the ferry -- at least it looks like the sun will be shining though, which always makes things easier (if busier at the same time!)

I got a nice surprise in the post today - Peter had ordered a selkie cover for my phone :)Isn't it lovely?
I also got my 'fitbit' - I wasn't sure how to celebrate my 900th Etsy sale but then decided to get a 'fitbit' -- my Dad has one that you wear on the wrist but that isn't a very practical option for me as I wasn't sure if my crochet would count as steps or not...so I bought a 'Fitbit ONE' take a look!

 I chose a burgundy one and really like how tiny it is. I think I will keep it clipped in my jeans pocket during the day and then can use the soft wrist band when I'm sleeping :) It'll be interesting to keep track of how active/inactive I am....

Our building work has finally progressed! The builders were back today to pour the foundations for the sunroom - yay!! There's been a bit of a set back though as we've discovered a problem with one of the drains -- there's a downpipe from one of the gutters that just goes straight into the soil -- no wonder that wall in our kitchen is damp! So the builders will be putting that right, as well as mending the pipe that the digger went through - hopefully both will be relatively small jobs and I'm hoping that they will be back tomorrow as they have left their truck!

The cats are feeling really displaced whenever the builders are here - it'll be nice when it's all over and we have a sunroom, but I am expecting it to take ages yet.

I'm still waiting to catch sight of the blue tit chicks in our bird box but Mum and Dad are working flat out to feed them....

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