Tuesday, May 17, 2016

She Sells Sea Shells...

 I am constantly surprised at how popular the sea shells are in my Etsy shop - I have sent them all over America! The little cowries seem to be especially in demand - I love going looking for them, they are relatively common I guess but their size and colour makes them hard to spot (I like a challenge though)
These flat top shells are popular too. I love how the outer layer of the shell often wears away to reveal the beautiful mother-of-pearl underneath.

I've finally taken a break from making wrist warmers and am making a few scarves from my new book of patterns -- I love how they have turned out but as always my tension doesn't match what it should be! I always have to adapt the patterns for things as my work comes out 'too' tight (though I like my tension and can't imagine working looser)

This was the first one I made; I'd bought a big 400g ball of wool/acrylic blend ages ago and was going to save it for a scarf...of course it's only now that I finally use it up! The scarf is made in three layers which are joined as you go along so there isn't any real sewing afterwards. I really like how it turned out and it's a pattern that I will probably use again in the future.

The black chunky wool was some that I'd bought in the UK ages ago and couldn't ever find a project for it - but it is perfect for this scarf/neckpiece. I love how structured it is and really like the bow-fastening.

I'm already making a second scarf using this pattern - using the grey Donegal Tweed left over from last year's hats for the artists.

I'll take more photos when I have that one finished - I need to try and figure out a way to use my mannequins as models for scarves rather than have to model them myself for Etsy listings....

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