Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Seven Day Nature Photography Challenge

My big sister Claire nominated me (on facebook) to post a nature photograph a day and I'm always up for an excuse to take photos so here are my photos from the last few days 

This one doesn't really look so exciting but it's one of our pair of blue tits going in to feed their little chicks! I love this time of year - I made that nesting box several years ago now; following directions in Gardener's World magazine and am so proud that the birds return there every year.

 Next up is an ant's-eye view of our lawn. Yes there are lots of daisies...also buttercups, dandelions, plantain, speedwell and just about every 'weed' you can think of.

 I really quite like this one of a bumble bee and my raspberries - my Dad takes much better bee photos than I do (he's a bee keeper!) but I snapped this one and like that I caught the bumble in flight rather than on the flower.
 I just have a lone iris in my garden this year, which makes it all the more worthy of preserving in a photograph.

 I took this photo the last time I was at St. Finan's bay - most of the plastic there is now just tiny tiny pieces so I only manage to fill a bag or two at a time. As you can see, the native plants are starting to grow through it all now so I am just leaving those areas untouched.

 Oh I love this photo! Yes, it's out of focus but how happy and relaxed does that seal look??!

This was my first photo in the 'challenge' - it's ship-worm holes in some driftwood...I thought it looked a bit 'arty'!!


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