Saturday, May 7, 2016

 Yes, I've been adding some more sea shell listings to my Etsy shop - they are selling really quite well for me (I think the thing is to keep the price reasonable and to sell the prettiest colours etc)

I found this lovely <3 :="" again="" and="" as="" back="" beach="" being="" br="" clouded="" cold="" collecting="" day="" did="" glad="" gone="" has="" i="" is="" it="" love="" m="" morning="" now.="" on="" out="" over="" shaped="" so="" stone="" that="" the="" them="" this="" to="" very="" went="" when="">
Yesterday was the most glorious day so I went to one of my favourite local beaches - not to collect rubbish etc but to just go for a walk and enjoy the view. Somehow I managed to fall over not once but twice while I was there (wobbly rocks are my downfall, literally!) and now I have a badly bruised elbow.

These calves were so curious (while I was waiting for Peter to pick me up) and I love how blue the sky was - it was a perfect day apart from falling over!

Yes, I've made more wrist warmers - again, this is some German wool that I'd bought (at an extortionate price) in Iceland! It's pure merino wool though and I love the colours.

And finally this is a print we bought while we were in Iceland and have finally got around to getting it framed and hung on the wall!

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