Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All Natural

As I mentioned in a previous post on here already this year, I've decided to try and work through some of the yarns that I've had in my boxes/cupboards for a while...of course with me, this is a mammoth undertaking and I've only started on the top shelf of my cupboard, but already I've found some treasures!

These two pairs of wrist warmers are made with Rowan 'Alpaca Colour' which is a dk pure alpaca yarn. Sadly since I bought it it's been discontinued, so I'm not sure how easy it would be to purchase now.

Each skein is just enough for one pair of wrist cuffs.

 I made these blue wristlets from a skein of Mirasol's 'Tahu' - a dk blend of baby llama, merino wool and angora - again it's another one where I can't remember where I bought it but it's lovely and soft.

I wish companies would make the skeins bigger though - again, this skein has just enough for one pair of wrist cuffs.

 And finally, this is Malabrigo's ''Rios'' - another double knitting yarn; this one is 100% merino wool and I bought it in Iceland (it is actually a Peruvian wool I think so it's well traveled!)

I reckon there will be enough for the pair of wrist warmers AND a pair of wrist cuffs from this skein.

I'm continuing with my 'use it up' mantra and am just about to start on some plain wrist warmers made with Rowan's pure wool dk (in navy blue) - I'll take photos when they are finished :)

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