Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Last Post of the Month

January has been a pretty quiet month in my Etsy shop - I've decided that this year I am going to make a proper effort to keep a note of what money I'm spending and how much I'm actually making through all this. So far it's not great! - not enough to live on  - it'll be interesting to see how it pans out over the course of a whole year, and to take into account my sales from the local craft fairs etc as well.

This is my little 'accounts' book -  it was part of my birthday present from a friend and I thought that I will put it to good use, even if I don't always like what it says!!

I've finished my scrubbie-athon and have been making cotton shower mitts instead...

They're something that I used to make for a while and then stopped - they aren't the BEST sellers but the other day when I was sorting through everything I found these cottons and thought they'd be perfect for shower mitts rather than yet more scrubbies. 

I still have one more to make but it's on the back burner for the moment as I have a customer on Facebook who wants to order a few things.

This is a cotton shower puff I've made for her

and a pair of plain wrist warmers in my favourite shade of yarn. She also wants another pair of wrist warmers (which I had already made and listed in my Etsy shop) and some of the cotton scrubbies (also already made) and then a slouchy hat too.

I've got these three made in a couple of days (working with chunky yarn is so much quicker than what I usually use) - I've sent her photos of these three hats but I need to get some more hats listed in my Etsy shop (and just as general 'stock') so I had a look through my wools and will be working my way through these over the next few days...

The only ones I've made slouchy hats from previously are the two studio Donegal wools (the big cake of turquoise and the one with the label on it) - so the other three will be a bit of a mystery. We'll see how they turn out; hopefully there will be photos!

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