Saturday, January 21, 2017

 I'm still holding strong on the 'not buying more wool' mantra - hopefully I will manage a whole month without buying any new stuff!

I haven't had any custom orders through my Etsy shop, which is a help really I guess, as I NEVER seem to have the 'right' colour/thickness etc in my 'stock' whenever anyone asks me to make a particular item.

My head has been a bit fuzzy lately - just hormonal/mood wobbles - so I've taken to making scrubbies for my Etsy shop again -- they've never been my 'best' seller as I guess a lot of other people make them, but they are a quick project for me to make when I'm feeling like I can't manage anything more complicated.

So I've made practically a rainbow of scrubbies! These are made from organic cotton (apart from the purple ones) - they are made from 'Freedom Sincere' cotton.

I've made a set in grey and yellow too - these are made from organic cotton and use only natural dyes too! (they are made in Rowan's ''purelife'' cotton)

I love it so much whenever someone new buys scrubbies - I am such a convert to them myself - it's a small change you can make to your daily routine that can have an impact on how lightly you tread on the earth. Before I started using them I used organic cotton wool to cleanse my face, and would compost it along with our regular household/garden organic waste...this is better than buying non-organic or just chucking it in the general waste bin (or flushing it down the toilet!!) --- BUT the cotton scrubbies that I make will last for ages.

I've been using mine now for years, and they are still holding up strong. They just go in the wash with our clothes, dry them, and they're good to go again :)

It isn't all scrubbies though - I did make this pair of wrist warmers last week, made from Rowan's pure wool dk - I prefer a bit more colour myself but hopefully someone will like them!! 

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