Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make Your Own Scrubbies!

I'm still staying firm to my resolution not to buy new wool/yarn until I've made a considerable dent in what I already have...turning a blind eye to the emails that come daily from Springwools, Deramores, PurpleLindaCrafts etc etc offering free postage and great discounts...I find it easier to just delete the emails without checking what the latest 'offer' is as I have so little will power that I often am tempted.

I'm taking a break from making wrist warmers for the time being and am working my way through my cottons instead...once I've finished making scrubbies I'm going to make a few cotton shower mitts as I don't have any left in stock and I'd bought some nice cotton online last year and it would be a good way to use it up.

I got the 'use it up' idea from a group on facebook - ZERO WASTE IRELAND (I'm a long way from being 'zero waste' but am trying to do my bit when I can) and posted a photo of my scrubbies on there & said that I could share the pattern (such as it is!) with anyone who was interested.

So here it is!!

I use a double knitting thickness cotton and a 4mm hook - my favourite brands of cotton would be Twilley's of Stamford's 'freedom sincere' or Rowan's purelife' but any dk cotton is fine :)

So, using a 4mm hook, chain 6 - join with a slip st into the last chain to form a ring.

Chain 3, then work 15 trebles around the ring- join with a slip st at end of the round.

Chain 1, then work 2 double crochet into each stitch - join with a slip st at end of the round.

Chain 3, then work 2 trebles into the next stitch, work 1 treble in to the following one and repeat (2 trebles in one st, then 1 in the following) to the end of the round -  join with a slip st.

Turn the scrubbie, then chain 1 and work 1 double crochet into each stitch around - join with a slip st.

Turn the scrubbie again, the chain 1 and work 1 double crochet into each stitch - join with a slip st.

To make edging make 1 double crochet into the stitches of the previous round - this gives the scrubby a nice  edge and helps them last a lot longer.

Sew in the loose ends securely. 

 Now off you go and make your own!!

I get about 7 scrubbies from a 50g ball of cotton.

You can of course, make them bigger or smaller or alter the stitches to suit yourself but this is what works well for me!

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