Saturday, September 23, 2017

My Latest Work in Progress

More wool! I was asked by a friend during the summer if I'd be able to make a comforter/small blanket for her nine year old daughter -- she'd had a blankie since she was a baby but it had unraveled away and it was time for a new one.

She said that her favourite colours were purples and pinks so I chose colours in that range and have finally started on it this week.

The two balls of 'Riot dk' on the left hand side of the photo are for wrist warmers for my best customer online - she wanted three pairs all made in the same shade, but I ran out of the wool so had to buy some more.

I'd chosen eight colours, including the hot pink, at the top right of the photo - but having received my order, I decided that that one wasn't a good 'fit' with the other colours so I'll have to try and find something else to do with it.

These are the shades (and the order) that I'm using.

AND..I am writing stuff down! I am the worst person for thinking ''Oh I'll remember how I did that..'' and then of course looking back, I can't figure it out at all.

Each colour is over two rows, except for the 'emperor' purple in the changeover from purples to pinks - I'm just using one row there to break it up.

 It started off quite slowly...

...check out my lovely new dress in the background (from Gudrun Sjodén) - a treat to myself which I purchased from the money I get in tips in my day job :)

It is really coming along now - this is only my third day working on it (in between working on the ferry still) - I'm not sure how long I'll make it but it's nowhere near finished just yet.

It'll be interesting to see just how much yarn it uses up, I must remember to make a note of that in my book!

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