Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Annual Stock Take 2017

Now that Lucy's shut up shop for the winter months I have got all my 'stock' back so before I embark on the Christmas markets it's time for my annual 'taking stock' of things...

last year and 2015 & 2014 (just for comparison, as it's always good to look back on these things)

This year I currently have a total of 82 listings in my Etsy shop.

  • 32 listings in my wristwarmers and cuffs
  • 30 in my hats and headbands
  • 1 in my bags section
  • 13 in my seaglass/shells
  • 1 in my greetings cards
  • 5 in my scarves
 I've had 1034 sales to date and my feedback rating is still 5* overall with 537 people leaving me feedback.

I've decided to just let my greetings card listings expire rather than keep on renewing them - they don't seem to sell well on Etsy so it's pointless to keep on and on renewing them in the hopes of an odd sale or two. 

So my listings total is down again on the previous year (I'd 88 this time last year) and on the years before that. I had that big order for scrubbies from Airmid earlier this year so that slowed down my production of wristwarmers/hats etc (the money was so handy though and I'm hoping that they will need more eventually!)

Things really to have been slow for me on Etsy lately so it's good that I have a few Christmas markets to go to and hopefully bump up my takings a little year I will be selling locally in Lucy's centre again as well as the Daly's craft shop on their farm in Valentia so hopefully things will continue to improve.

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