Thursday, August 19, 2010

Etsy Listing - Ruffly Handbag

I've listed the ruffled handbag on Etsy this evening and it's had seven views already :) I think it looks really perfect for Autumn/Winter so I'm hoping it will sell quite quickly - I'm never too sure what 'tags' to use when I'm listing things on there though...but hopefully someone nice will find it and give it a home.

The colour is just gorgeous - edible almost!

I've sold the shelly fruit salad colour scarf today :) To a lovely local lady :) I've sold quite a few pieces locally now - three pairs of wrist warmers, two scarves and a ruffled handbag ... not too bad I think?!!

I keep thinking 'Oh I must buy some more wool...' but I forget how much I actually have: so I am trying to use some of it up before I do any more spending - this is hard though as I keep finding patterns that don't really suit any of the wool I have. I think it's kind of like when you look in a full wardrobe of lovely clothes and still think that you don't have anything to wear. Sigh!

Peter bought me a crochet book when he was last in England and it's got so many patterns I want to use..but they are nearly all made from really fine fluffy wool - which I need to buy!

But I am trying a bag pattern from there, using up some more of the wool from the ruffled handbags -- I'm making it in the bilberry/blackberry yarn with denim blue stripes - it's a messenger bag I guess. I've only done a little bit so far but it's turning out ok.

I'm not sure what will be next now when I've that finished...I have a pair of chickie chick egg cosies on the go but am taking a break from them as they are so fiddly and I can't find the orange wool for their beaks and feet!

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