Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ruffly Handbag

Oh how I love making these :)

Ha, I haven't been posting on here for a while so I bet you thought I hadn't been busy crocheting...but no! I have been making one of my favourite things -- a ruffled handbag.

I have made a total of six of these to date and I love them!! I have a bright red one myself (the first one I made) and have sold three and now will have two listed on Etsy once I get photos taken of this new one.

The colour is just plain yummy - a colour that reminds me of blackberries and autumn, it has teeny tiny flecks of blue and white fibres that you wouldn't really even notice until you stare at it up close, which I like - it gives a depth to the colour rather than just being a single flat shade.

The photo above shows the ruffle, which I made in the garden over a few days - it is very long and has thousands (literally) of stitches - it takes soooooooooo much wool to make one of these bags - about 600g I think.

As with all the ruffled handbags I've made this is made from Aran weight pure new wool from Kerry Woollen Mills in Killarney so it is locally sourced :) I love working with their yarn but it is pricey...

I'll post some more photos of the finished bag tomorrow and will hopefully get it listed on Etsy - oh how I need another sale...


  1. that is a gorgeous colour oh my! I feel a plumy treasury coming up

  2. thanks Carrie - the colour is just FAB, oh how I love Kerry Woollen Mills wool :)

  3. Hi Rosemary, what a wonderful idea to start this blog! I love seeing all your creations, the fruit salad scarf design is gorgeous. I'm fancying trying a lacy shawl soon,
    Bright blessings to you xxxx

  4. Thanks Kate :) good luck with your shawl xx