Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Wrist Warmers

I seem to spend all my time making these guys just lately, but that's ok and they do (sometimes!) seem to sell well on Etsy, and locally too...

These are the ones I've made since my last post...

All from lovely Springwools wool :)

I'm thinking this great big chunk of driftwood might make a better backdrop for the photos for wrist warmers etc - it's more 'bland' than the blue walls of our shed and house! I think it looks kind of cool...

I've started making a pair of wristers in 4-ply yarn this afternoon, but oh gosh it's so will take me forever! It's beautiful though, deep deep shades of purple (my favourite colour) and 75% wool - I may keep them for myself :)


  1. Mamma G is getting mine for part of her birthday pressie - money is super tight here but I still want to give quality gifts ;) x

  2. Which, the lilac ones? You are such a sweetheart xx

  3. Hola, muy bonitos los guantes y la lana es preciosa! Te felicito por tu trabajo.