Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Wool Order :)

Oh my gosh look what came in the post for me today - also included was 'Grannys gone wild' and a pack of wool sewing needles.

I thought eventually I might make an afghan throw or blanket for us; some of them look quite complicated though!

Now that I have smaller sized wool needles I was able to sew in the loose ends on those purple-y wrist warmers I'd made for myself in the 4-ply. I love them!

I also made this pair for myself but it's an AWFUL photo as Peter is over in England and I had to snap it myself, and in poor light to boot!

They're made in the Noro Kuryan (spelling?) 100% wool and are FAB, the colours are much nicer in real life. I'm really happy with them too. So I now have three pairs of 'proper' wrist warmers :)

I must get back to making some to try and sell on Etsy.

I've just had a message from a lady in America about the black with white flecks but I'm not sure if I'm making her a pair to measure or selling the pair I'd listed in my shop - either option is grand with me so I'm waiting for her to get back to me about it

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