Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something Nice for Myself

I've been making a pair of wristwarmers for MYSELF!

They're in 4-ply, which is so fine; it really has taken some getting used to as it's like working with thread compared to Aran weight or even double knitting (I've been working with mostly Aran weight)

It's so slow to work with and I found that so frustrating at first, as I tend to crochet very quickly and am used to things just taking a couple of hours and then they're done and I move on to the next thing....but 4-ply takes FOREVER!

I know this sounds really philosophical but I've now realised that this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it means that each piece takes longer, so in a weird kind of way it's saving me money (because normally the more I make, the more I want to make I buy more and more wool!) -- fuzzy logic I guess, but that's how my brain works! It makes sense to me anyway.

Added to that, the colours in this yarn are just beautiful so it's a pleasure to work with now that I'm used to it! It looks so neat!

I've got one all finished (apart from tidying in the loose ends) and am about half way up the second one - I can't wait to be able to wear them :)

In fact, I like it so much that I've bought myself another ball of this purple, and also a midnight blue (and I think's a bit of a blur when I start ordering wool *blush*) Oh I think I got one with shades of red in it too.

I should get my next order from Springwools early next week - hopefully on Monday, but I only ordered it on Friday afternoon so I think it mightn't be til Tuesday. I managed to spend more than ever this time but it'll have to last now until I make some more sales.

I've got eleven pairs of wrist warmers listed on Etsy now - all different, and my two ruffley bags, a beach bag and two peg bags...I've ''only'' had three sales so far this month (and two of them were crochet hooks) and I'm trying not to stress so much about it. I keep telling myself that the 'right' person for each piece will be the one who eventually buys it...but I want them to hurry up and find it now!!!

As you can see from the first photo, the weather was so great today that I was able to sit out on a deckchair and work in the garden :)

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