Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh gosh...

How hopeless am I at keeping this updated? - don't answer...I already know.

My lovely wool order from September arrived, and just the other day I placed another oreder with them (lovely Springwools up in Dublin)

Isn't this like a lovely snuggly box of chocolates? Most of it is all going to go on stuff to sell on Etsy but I decided to treat myself to some post yarn so I bought two balls of Noro Kureyon for a pair of wrist warmers or something for MYSELF!! It's 100% wool and has the most gorgeous colours! It'd be great in a hat, but I don't really wear hats so I'll have to think of something else :)

I ordered some more of the Tivoli Colourblend, which crochets up very well - I already had the white and black, and the purple and black before so I bought a couple of balls of the green and black to try too...

I'd also ordered some more of the King Cole riot yarn in Autumnal colours, and got some of their metallic silver/grey too, to see how that goes...hopefully all this will sell!

I got my big boxful of lovely stuff this afternoon when I came home to work :) and have already started on a pair of wristers in the Freedom Spirit by Twilleys of Stamford - it's gorgeous: 100% wool but it doesn't have that scratchiness you sometimes get with wool. It's a lovely colour, like raspberries and other nice things; I'd buy this again (maybe try other colours next time as well)

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