Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treasuries and Etsy Sales

I am so bowled over (and mega-impressed!) but I've had 15 sales from my Etsy shop!! I've only been listing stuff on there since July (I think) so I'm really happy with that.

It's wierd but some times things sell just after listing them - literally within hours or a couple of days, but other stuff has been there all Summer. But I guess eventually it will happen, I need to be more patient...not easy, I know!

A quick update -- the Autumnal Tivoli Ocean ones I mentioned before sold very quickly; then Michelle from Growveg bought the Irish rose scarf/wrap, then the chocolate brown mohair mix ones sold, then a pair of King Cole Riot berry colours sold to the lovely Jacquie, then I made a pair of the same ones for Pepper from Growveg (and she also bought the soft blue cowl), then I sold another pair of the Tivoli Ocean blue wristers (love them so much!) and then finally I sold a pair of the black and white Tivoli Colourblend wristers!

Gosh, that does sound like a lot, doesn't it?! Jana from the Island bought a pair of the black and purple Tivoli Colourblend wristers just today so I've deactivated that listing. I must make another pair to relist though but there's no rush!

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