Friday, March 18, 2011

Cotton on...

Here's a better (?!) photo of my 'magic' rock - it really is just the best place to be :) The weather has been so great the last few days, so lovely and mild and hardly a breeze of wind.

I've finished the bag you can see me making in the beach photos - Peter took some photos of it the other day and I must go and get it listed on Etsy - it's pretty simple really but practical and the colours are bright and cheery, hopefully someone else will like it too.

Fingers crossed I might have a local buyer for the cotton bag I'd made with the applique flowers on - Peter's taking it in to work tomorrow with him.

I seem to be concentrating on my cotton yarns at the moment - now I've finished that reddish bag I'm going to make a couple of those clothes peg bags from cotton in other colours. I have one listed in my Etsy shop, which has been there since last year, so I'm not really expecting the other ones to sell on their either, but they would have a better chance (hopefully!) of selling in the local market in the summer months. We'll see...I would make beach bags with the yarn but I don't have enough of it for that, so pegbags it is!


  1. hmmm...I can never make my mind up...I might make more scrubbies or washcloths instead...

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place to create.