Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainbow Wrist Warmers

Just HAD to add photos of this fab yarn I got from Springwools yesterday -- it's going on a pair of wristwarmers and is just beautiful, totally my cup of tea...I bought four balls of it so there should be enough to make myself a pair (hopefully, even if it means that I have to make my ones a little shorter than I'd's just gorgeous yarn.

I love bright colurs and I love my wristwarmers (if I say so myself) - I don't know how many pairs I've made for myself, it must be nearly 10 pairs by now..but each pair are different - colours, textures, edgings etc...

I so love randomly self-striping wool!!!

I've just joined up two small 'blocks' of my granny squares blanket - must take some photos of it sometime though it doesn't look like much and is looking VERY wonky...hopefully once I get the edging on the whole thing it will even it out a bit??! I've never made one before so I'm really not sure...

I've just ordered a 10 pack of plain unbleached cotton so I can make some more of the beach bags (which I'll sew some of the crochet flowers/hearts on to jazz them up a bit I guess) -- I'm hoping that they might sell well in the summer.

I've been inspired by Carrie to try and take a table sometime in the village market in the summer months; it all depends on when it falls on my day off from work but I thought it might be worth a try a few times in the Summer. I can put my Etsy shop on vacation for a day and then if anything sells I can just delete the listing.


  1. The colors in that yarn are fantastic! I can't wait to see how the wrist warmers come out... :)

  2. You go for it girl!! You know I think you totally ROCK! XX