Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love Heart Bag

Remember how I mentioned making a plain cotton beach bag yesterday? Well it's all finished now :) It looks nicer in real life - the hearts are a sort of 'chalky' shade of pink (if that makes sense?)

I won't be listing it on Etsy until after Peter gets back from England, as he is my photographer. I really like it - I must admit that I'm happiest making things that I like rather than what I think might might explain why I haven't had a zillion sales, but I would rather make things that I love and if they sell then that's a bonus!!

I thought I'd include a photo of 'SPRING' from our garden - the buds are just starting to burst on the sycamores!

Next crochet project is another beach bag - not sure what I'll sew on this one when it's done...I've got lots of different cottons in different colours...I think I prefer the hearts to the flowers, but that just might be today and I'll feel differently tomorrow!


  1. Wow, you are fast! And I love the bag, so pretty. :)

  2. thanks, I do love crochet so much! I'm having to slow down a bit though as my tennis elbow is pinging this evening so I'm having to take it easy for a bit :(