Monday, March 21, 2011

I can never think of a 'title'

Yay, I had my 65th Etsy sale since my last blog post!!! It was just a ball of wool from my 'destash' box but I'm happy nonetheless. I dream of hitting the magic 100 sales, I might reach that by Christmas if I'm very very lucky I point in even thinking about it though, if it happens then it happens!

I've just listed the red multicolour cotton beach bag now and have a pair of wrist warmers to list later on today or tomorrow - photos already taken, it's a FAB yarn, part mohair and part polyamide, very unusual and great colours...aren't they pretty!?

I'm not sure what to make next - I do love making wrist warmers but I will have 35 pairs listed once I get these pink ones up and I guess I should try and add some other bits and pieces. Wrist warmers are kind of addictive to make though, I do love them!

I'm still working on my 'grannies gone wild' blanket for ourselves but that's a LONG TERM project I think (I am so dreading sewing in all the loose ends in each square!)


  1. Congrats on the sale! I'm making my way towards that magic 100 too! Beautiful color on those wrist warmers!

  2. thanks simplysmitten (love your name!) - just listed some more of the cotton scrubbies in my shop and now I'm working on joining up the squares (well some of them, I still have hundreds to make!) on my granny blanket...

  3. Thank you! :) Can't wait to see that granny blanket when you're done! Should be lovely! :)