Tuesday, December 23, 2014

He's Home!

Oscar is back home with us! Peter went to get him yesterday - I was so excited to see him back safe and sound!! It did take him a long while to settle down - he wanted to check out the whole house and was just wandering about for the longest time, before finally settling down on top of his tub of food in the kitchen (one of his favourite spots)

 Poor love, he's had his neck shaved repeatedly - it looks awful but they had to put a drip in the first time he was staying there and then had to take yet more blood yesterday (and they had already shaved his two front legs so they took it from his neck instead) - it's only superficial and will soon grow back but it looks awful and must feel strange for him.

On the plus-side he is eating! Actually, he's eating like a horse!! We had to really coax him to get him to eat the pouches last week but he is loving them now - it's great to see him with an appetite; we are really hoping that this is a sign of improvement which would point towards it being an infection rather than the bone marrow disease.

They took the third lot of blood for testing yesterday and said that we might have the results by tomorrow - I really hope so: not knowing is doing my head in...

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