Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oscar - Update!

Good news! Oscar is back to his normal cheeky self; we're still giving him pouches of his food as he's finding it more palatable than the dried stuff, but we're trying to wean him back onto his normal, dried food.

His gums are back to normal pinky colour - thanks to the jaundice they were a Simpsons shade of yellow for a while - they still look pale but it must be a good sign that they aren't yellow any longer.

We're still waiting for the results of the third round of blood tests, but as he's made such a huge improvement I'm thinking that they will have the good news that we've been waiting for: that it was an infection of the blood rather than a serious disease of the bone marrow.

I'm not sure if they will want to run a fourth round of tests or not, but I'm really hoping that the third round will show a big improvement in his levels of red and white blood cells, and improved liver function too.

Even if the news is bad, at least he's happy and comfortable again; having him so very poorly was such a huge worry, and especially so soon after we lost dear Friday.

In Etsy news, I'm up to 680 sales now so I doubt very very much that I will manage 700 before the end of the year - things really slowed down for me, and going away on holiday for a week in the middle of December would have really affected my sales figures (but I'm so glad that we did go on holiday!)

I've got four pairs of wrist warmers, a headband and some new scrubbies to photograph one of the days - if it ever stops raining...and I'm making a start on trying some of my German wools (watch this space...)

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