Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 I thought I'd post some photos of our Christmas decorations - I love all the really traditional ornaments, made from wood or glass: and especially love tea-light holders!

 And a few photos of our tree - it HAS to be a real tree! Pretty much all of our decorations mean something special to me: either given to us as presents in the past, or ones that we've bought together.

 We have a brand new 'tree topper' this year - it's a handblown glass one which we bought in Germany - very traditional/retro looking :)
these two clay love hearts are new decorations and have a very special meaning - the little one (right by the top of the tree) is in memory of Friday (it has her name on the back of the heart) and the bigger one (in the second photo) is in memory of Henry.

This is our very first Christmas in this house without Henry :( Our home feels so empty without him, without Friday and now without Oscar (hopefully he will be back home from the vets on Monday though).

I may add some more photos to this post later - I love all my Christmas decorations/lights etc etc...

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