Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More Wool Shopping in Germany

Big important discovery of the decade --- department stores in Germany have a huge haberdashery department, including a large selection of wools!

We went to 'Karstadt' in Nuremberg just to see what they have for sale

!!!! ~~~ this is just SOME of the wools they sell!  Basically they have a really good choice in yarns; mostly what I'd kind of call 'day to day' yarns rather than some of the really special stuff, and all quite reasonably priced.

These are my purchases from the store in Nuremberg - as always I could have bought a LOT more but I'd spent so much money on wool in Tolle Wolle (the independent wool shop) that I couldn't really justify having a splurge in this store too.

The yarns on the bottom row will be for hats and the cottons on the top will all be for scrubbies! I love making scrubbies, and especially when I can get hold of a new colour of cotton :)

Then, when we were staying in Munich we found another department store - this was in Galeria (I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the building, but never mind!)

Like the one we went to in Nuremberg the yarns are generally all arranged by colour rather than by brand or thickness - I found it a bit confusing as I'm used to seeing them grouped together based on the brand or category (baby yarn/chunky/dk etc)

 I feel like I missed a lot of what they had for sale because of the way it was all arranged - I'm sure Peter would say that that was a good thing though...

My purchases from the department store in Munich! Again I think I was very restrained really - again, due to feeling guilty for spending so much of my selkie-money on the first wool shop (Tolle Wolle, I love you!)

These ones will all be hats eventually. At the moment my 'stock' is at the fullest I think it's ever been - but that's a good thing really as it will encourage me to use it all up; and for the time being I'm sworn off purchasing any more yarns ;)

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