Saturday, December 20, 2014

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans...

We seem to be going through a spell of really bad luck lately, with just too much heart break and worry.

While we were away on holiday we had put Oscar in to board at the vets in Killaney as he's always been a sickly cat and needs a special diet - if he eats regular food he gets a really bad stomach ache and is sick (he has chronic colitis)

I wasn't able to access my voicemail while we were away but when we got home there were two messages from the vet to say that Oscar had been poorly and they were running blood tests. He was very jaundiced (the levels of one of his liver enzymes were 10+ times what they should be) and also very, very anemic, with very low levels of both red and white blood cells; they had to put him on a drip and keep him under close observation.

He was well enough to come home with us after our holiday but was being sick so I took him back up yesterday and they've kept him in over the weekend - hopefully he will be allowed back home on Monday but we will be getting another phone update tomorrow and we'll see then.

They're run two rounds of blood tests, with another one to follow on Monday - basically he either has bone marrow disease or some kind of internal infection -- right now he is on antibiotics to treat the infection -- if he responds to them then it's good news and if not then it means that it's bone marrow disease, which is just about as bad news as you can get.

In the couple of days that he was home and on the antibiotics he did seem to be improving and was starting to eat and be brighter and more like his old chirpy self, but the sickness was preventing him from getting the nutrition that he vitally needs. They've been able to stop the vomiting at the vets now (fingers crossed) so he can have the very best chance. The vet yesterday was saying that he might need to go back on a drip, but in the update phone call this morning he said that he was doing quite well on his own now so they've decided against putting him on an IV unless he takes a turn for the worse again.

We'll get another phone update tomorrow and hopefully it will continued progress for him - if he's ok, we will be able to bring him home on Monday. We should hopefully get the third round of test results back before Christmas - and hopefully they will show an improvement in his blood count, which will mean that his body is responding to the antibiotics and is recovering from the infection...if there's no improvement then it means that he has a disease of the bone marrow and that isn't good news at all.

We just have to wait and see and hope for the best right now.

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