Saturday, October 10, 2015

 Some days I just have to stop my car on the way to work and pull over just so that I can take a few photos :) This is the view from one side (and then the other) of the Valentia bridge - taken before 7.30am. It's always so peaceful.
 Then when I got to work, we could see a 'red tide' in the harbour :( This isn't good news for the local wildlife but hopefully it has all dispersed now.

I had my last day at work yesterday so I'm now officially unemployed and on my winter 'holiday' - it always takes a few days for this to sink in; right now it just feels like I'm on my normal days off. I'm going to keep myself busy with my crochet and beach combing through the winter months but I'm also going to try and keep going out on my bike when the weather is suitable.

Today is just a bit overcast and cool so I decided to start as I mean to go on and heading out towards Dromid on my bike. I think this has been the longest bike ride I've done since I got my new bike - I did do a 10 mile ride back from Cahirciveen - I need to try and find a route-tracker app or something so that I can work it out...
 Anyway...I cycled as far as Dromid and then headed back towards Waterville along one of the minor roads instead of going the same way home.

 Going out on my bike means that I notice things that you wouldn't really see if you were just driving along in a car - I loved this ruined old house.

 Look! There are still lots of wild flowers!

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