Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shop Updates..

I think it's easier to write several shorter blog updates, each on an individual subject, rather than one long rambling one; so yes, this is my second update of the day!

I'm now up to 774 sales in my Etsy shop - hopefully I'll make 800 by the end of the year but who knows? Things have been relatively quiet lately as I haven't been adding that many new listings - I find that for my shop to 'work' it helps to keep adding new bits and pieces every so often. While I'm working on the ferry though, I don't have so much crochet time and then there's the thought of having to take the photographs, write the individual listings and work on tags and search terms....so it tends to get put off... I've actually got 8 pairs of wrist warmers waiting to be photographed etc! I was hoping to take some of the photos today (my day off work) but the weather is atrocious and the light is so bad that I think it will have to wait.

For the whole of the month of October I've decided to donate all proceeds from the sales of my hats to Action Aid's refugee fund - I started this 'promotion' at the end of September and have sold four through my Etsy shop and one locally. I'm really hoping that all the hats I have in stock will sell - I still have 15 of them left so I think I'm probably being a bit ambitious but you never know...

So far I've donated €100 and today I will be donating the money from the sale of the 4th hat on Etsy to sell - every bit helps.

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