Saturday, October 24, 2015

Out and about - and a little house guest too.

 So...I've been out on my bike again since I last wrote on here :) I have a favourite route now; I head out in the Mastergeehy/Dromid direction for approx 10km and then either turn back or go home via another route...this was my third time doing it. It's nice to be able to vary the route back home depending on which direction the wind is coming from or how energetic I'm feeling.
 This road doesn't look too bad but it's a killer - there is such a slow, gradual incline....I can't cycle all the way up but hopefully one day I will be able to. It's always nice to get off the bike though and have a breather. I must take some more photos along this road as it goes through forestry land so all of a sudden there are all these pine trees.
 I just had to stop to take a photo of the little grotto - there are so many of these scattered around locally - usually in the middle of nowhere!
 I love this photo of the cross-roads - the road off to the left is the road home :)

.....and here's our little house guest. We've been looking after this little handful for a week now while his owners are away on holiday. He actually nearly was a permanent addition to our household about a month ago but Peter put his foot down and said that we have enough cats (which I know we do, but still....) so my friend kept the foundling instead.
 His name is 'Pirate' and he is a quiet one - it's taken him most of the week to come out of his shell. He cracks me up when he contorts himself to give himself a good washing; I was thrilled to have caught it on camera :)

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