Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Conservatory Update

 We have a floor! The man from Corcorans did a great job in fitting our lino - because of the shape of the room there's a join in the lino down the one side of the room but he's matched it up so well that you wouldn't notice it at all.

We have finished the painting now too so it's feeling like a proper room and part of the house rather than a building site. We still are waiting for the builders to come back and do the skirting boards (and to create a new patio outside) - also the electrician and the plumber - but right now it's a really comfortable room to sit in during daylight.

The light there is so good that I often sit in one of the deckchairs there during the day with my crochet and can spend an hour or two quite happily :)
 I can't wait til we have 'proper' furniture in there - the sofa etc. We've bought two of these tv stands/cupboards from Ikea -- there's a man nearby who travels up to Dublin once a month or so and will buy and deliver your choices from Ikea. These will look great under the long wall of windows - they have drawers for all our DVDs and whatever else we want to store away.

He went up on his trip to Dublin today so we hopefully will have our purchases soon - of course we'll have to assemble them but I quite like doing that.
My friend Julia has given me the most amazing gift - it will have pride of place in our sunroom; I am so impatient to hang it up already but I will wait until we have decided on the layout of the room first with the furniture etc.

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