Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wrist Warmers for Vegans!

I've been working with the Boho Spirit yarn that I bought from my friend Sonya in Wales - I really love the colours in this yarn! It's 100% acrylic (but not scratchy) so is perfect for my vegan friends -- I had a repeat customer on Etsy looking for some that would be suitable for a non-wool wearing friend so I'm hoping that she will like these colours too.

Jaye (my Etsy customer) also asked for a pair of wrist warmers made in 'Neon' Riot by King Cole, but with a specific colour placement - I had to use two balls of wool to get these to match up just right but I like how they turned out and the colour placement is just what she is looking for. 

...and this is what I'm working on now. Deep purple wrist warmers in a merino wool/acrylic blend which I bought in Italy nearly two years ago. I tend to work mostly with self-striping yarns so it's kind of strange to be using a solid colour (but it's my favourite colour at least!) 
I love buying yarns when we're away on holidays - I still have wool in my cupboard/boxes from our holidays in Germany, Italy and now Iceland! Of course every time we go over to England to visit Peter's daughter I somehow manage to find a wool shop too ;) I am trying to work my way through it all but it will take forever...

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