Saturday, September 3, 2016


Well it REALLY feels like Autumn now - the ferry is finishing at 8.30 in the evening (compared to 10pm all through July and August) - and I only have 22 more working days left. We are finishing on the 6th October this year, so less than five weeks today and I will be unemployed again.

Peter and I had a couple of hours on Valentia last Sunday and went for a walk along the marina - I can understand why so many people go walking along there now; it's really pleasant to walk along and to look at all the boats and then watch the ferry going to and fro.

 I've been picking blackberries from the bramble at the bottom of our garden but it definitely isn't such a good year for them :( I have been freezing the ones that I pick so that we will still have enough for a few crumbles once our cooking apples are ripe too. 
Barbara the artist has asked me to make seven pairs of wrist warmers to match the hats for her artists on the retreat later this month so I've had to order another 2kg cone of the turquoise wool!

 I only needed enough wool for two more pairs of wrist warmers but thought it would be so much better value to buy the cone again rather than individual 50g balls - so now I have to find somewhere to store this...

I also took the opportunity to order some blue Rowan wool for a hat for Jaye's order and the 'neon' Riot dk for the wrist warmers she wanted too, but my wool cupboard is heaving now.

I am kind of back-logged with orders at the moment - I've just finished Barbara's order for the hats and the wrist warmers but I still have Jaye's order (I must make a flower hat in navy wool, a pair of 'neon' wristwarmers and another couple of pairs) and also a pair of wrist warmers in the fluffy grey yarn I bought in Iceland earlier this year (for Mary Ruth - I haven't forgotten!). Then I've also had enquiries about a pair of scarves (for Keisha and her little daughter) and a woolly hat for a man (for Luke, who I know through work on the ferry)

It's kind of over whelming but in a good way!

 Look at how fab the conservatory is looking now :) I made a start on the painting today: giving the low walls under the new windows two coats and then cleaning the old walls with sugar soap and getting one coat on one of the walls. I've now run out of paint so I'm at a standstill - I'm not sure if we have more in the shed (this is Peter's department) but it's progress at least.
The man is coming to fit the flooring on Monday so that will be a bit step forward.

I've started working with some of the 'Boho Spirit' yarn that I bought from my friend Sonya - it's 100% acrylic but is a good quality and is nice to work with - aren't these colours amazing??!

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