Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Thanks to the Bored Panda website my Etsy shop has been very busy just lately -- they ran a piece about 'dragon scale' wrist warmers featuring someone else's shop but her shop sold out very quickly so there were lots of people searching for similar items.

In just a few days I had over 2000 views: which is way way busier than I would normally have at this (or any!) time of the year and I sold over 15 pairs of my crocodile stitch wrist warmers!

I'm now up to 955 Etsy sales so I'm inching closer and closer to the big 1000...

It was a really great boost in my sales and finances - I've used some of the money to pay for our new Ikea tv uni which is now in situ in the conservatory. We had actually bought two of them but they only had one in stock in the right colour so the Ikea man will try again when he's up in Dublin next time.
I spent most of the rest of the money on some new business cards (and stickers!) from Moo and all this lovely wool.

I never will be a business person as as soon as I get money from my Selkie sales, it just goes on more and more wool....

I bought these from Love Knitting, who are based in the UK - I went with them for this order as I was looking for some bright self-striping cotton (which will be coming in a separate delivery as they didn't have it in stock) and then I thought I'd try a couple of new colours of King Cole's 'riot'.

I was thrilled to see that they sell German wools there too - I bought these Schoppel ones when we were in Germany on holiday the year before last but was delighted that I could get them again now.

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