Friday, September 16, 2016

Days off and a new purchase

 I'd been planning on going beach combing this afternoon but it turned out to be a showery day so I stayed inside instead...I love sitting in the sunroom and watching the rain on the roof! I am so impatient to get the proper furniture in there still but we don't have electricity in there yet so I'm having to make do with sitting on a deckchair in the meantime.

The photo below just about sums up my afternoon - nice snacks (choccie biccies and some grapes that were grown locally by a family friend) and a hot chocolate on the side and then my crochet to keep me occupied.
 I'd rediscovered this yarn which I'd bought in Iceland - I LOVE the colour combination!

I've also just started on the navy blue 'artists' hat for Jaye (my Etsy customer who wants to place a big order this/next month) - you can see the wool in the photo above. It's lovely Rowan, 100% pure wool double knitting. Dark wool just about makes me cross-eyed in the evening though so I'm making the wrist warmers at the same time for a bit of variation.
 This is just about the best thing I've ever bought! I've wanted to get a 'cat tower' for ages but we never had any room for one - now that we have a great big conservatory I decided that the time was right :)

 I think it's safe to say that the cats like it - well Dinah and Oscar do at least. Pearl hasn't sussed it out yet but I think she will like it too -- I'll be surprised if all three of our 'indoor' cats go on it at the same time.

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