Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A New Addition

Meet little Ivy - I was sitting in the conservatory one afternoon and heard the cats fighting outside so went out to break them up; but it turns out that there was a kitten on the patio and Pearl wasn't happy!

She was very hungry and was riddled with tiny lice and other creepy crawlies so we fed her and took her to the vet to get a 'spot on' treatment and a worm tablet to take a few days later.

She still can't understand why the other cats don't love her - Pearl and Dinah can't stand her at all but Bertie and James pretty much ignore her unless she gets too close for comfort. Oscar is the only one who's been eager to make friends, and even then he gets a bit fed up of him pestering her to play!

 It's really lovely to have a kitten in the house again - and she has settled in so well. I was a bit worried that she might run away (especially as the other cats haven't been so welcoming -- there has been a LOT of hissing) but I think we're ''stuck'' with her now.

The vet said that she was only 6-7 weeks old when she turned up, so she should be old enough to start on her vaccinations next month, and of course we'll be getting her spayed when she's old enough.

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