Tuesday, August 15, 2017

More Wool..

I had received a message from a past customer on my Selkie facebook page the other day - she would like some more wrist warmers! Of course I didn't have the right yarn in my 'stock' so I had to go online shopping.

She wanted a pair like this- but when I went to find the yarn online I realised that it's been discontinued. Luckily Springwools still have it in stock so I bought enough for a couple of pairs as it's always been a good seller for me.

I also bought the same yarn in the pink/purple colourway. I wish I could have bought more of it now that I've received my order, but I know that I really have SO much yarn in my boxes and cupboards and I need to work my way through some of that before I can really justify doing a restock.

The lady also wants a pair of wrist warmers made from King Cole's ''Splash'' so I bought two balls of that too - it'll be enough for another pair of wrist warmers at least.

As usual I ended up buying a couple of things that I hadn't even been looking for -- the ''Cabaret'' dk from Stylecraft and ''Sprite'' dk from King Cole. I hadn't heard of either of them so I thought I'd give them a go. I really love the colour and softness of the cabaret one - Stylecraft wouldn't be a brand that I'd use that often but this one seems good quality. Both yarns are wool-free so that can be a bonus - there are lots of people who can't wear wool (or don't want to).

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