Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Time Out

I had to take a photo of this - I've been saving my Easter egg for months now...I was fortunate to have been given two solid chocolate eggs made by Skelligs Chocolates this year and I had decided to save this one until I felt like I really needed it.

I've been working on the ferry for four mornings all over the bank holiday weekend; our busiest time of the year and now finally I'm on my two days off! I've managed to get over 10 hours sleep since last night (including a nap after lunch today) and don't have anything planned for the rest of day apart from crochet and tv :)

Tomorrow's Wednesday so I will be giving the market in Portmagee another go -- it hasn't been a great one for me so far this Summer; it was ok to start with, but then I was working and Peter went for me two weeks in a row and only sold €10 worth of stock ... and the pitch costs €10, so I was actually losing money :(

But we're at the busiest time of year now so hopefully there will be more people around? I'll give it a go anyway. I was off work last Wednesday but went to the beach instead...at this time of year I really need to rest up and get my energy levels replenished on my days off...

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