Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Gifts and Some Wool

These great big baskets were also from Bob and Cathys' house - we think that Bob must have brought them back from Saudi when he was working out there (back in the 1980s I guess). Cathy had given them to Mum along with some cookery books, but Mum couldn't really find a use for them so we have them now!

As you can see, the cats love them! It didn't take them long to realise that they were comfy spots to curl up in: even little Ivy has cottoned on to them as a sleeping/play area. I think it would make Bob laugh to see that cats enjoying them so much.

One day last month while I was working on the ferry one of my passengers gave me this amazing frame! It's solid wood and weighs a ton. Eventually it will go up on the wall in the conservatory (we're STILL waiting for the electrician to put up the proper lights in there) but in the meantime it's just propped up against the wall. At the moment it's full of little pine cones, dried flowers and seed heads but Anna was saying how the back unscrews so that you can change what's inside it...so I'm thinking about putting in some of my beach combing finds.

Anna also gave me two big bags full of wool! She was having a big clear out and was taking everything to the charity shop but thought that I could find a use for the wool and frame :) I have the best customers!

I still need to have a proper sort through it all; some of it is very 'baby'ish so I will probably pass that on to my friend Mary and her Mum (who make clothes for premature babies for a charity) but I'm sure I can put most of it to good use :) 

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