Thursday, September 14, 2017

Out and About in Boats - part three

At the start of the month I was lucky enough to go out in a small fishing boat - one of my skippers on the ferry is a lobsterman and owns 'The Albatross' (the blue boat in the photos)

I should say from the start: I'm a vegetarian and so, obviously, don't eat fish but I find the variety of sea life that comes up in the pots utterly fascinating...I've always been an amateur naturalist and living right on the sea I guess it's inevitable that my focus has been in that direction.

 It was a relatively calm day and probably the last chance that I'd get to go out in JP's boat before the end of the season.

The rock formations around Valentia Island are just breath-taking -- photos don't really do them justice...

 A small selection of the sea-life that comes up in and on the pots when they are hauled out of the sea and onto the boat. While John Patrick is dealing with taking the lobsters and crabs out of the pots and putting fresh bait in them again, I am busy with my camera and looking out for tiny creatures that have dropped on to the deck!

Of course they all returned safe and sound to the sea. :)

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