Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Out and About in Boats - part two

 I've been working on the Valentia car ferry since 2006 (I'm sure I've mentioned my 'day job' on here before now). It's a pretty unique job and suits me as I am outdoors and can watch the wildlife in the quiet times. I try to bring my camera with me on good days ... the bad weather days are best forgotten about!

The pictures really speak for themselves...

This Summer/Autumn the harbour has had several swarms of these jellyfish - mauve stingers - but just lately we saw the worst one yet...it's hard to capture the scale of it in photographs.

One day last week my skipper, JP, was going to get some shrimp to sell to a friend of his so I went along for the ride -- we went out in his brother's little boat and he hauled a few of the shrimp pots. 

It was my first time seeing the ferry from this angle! 

 This is what we had gone out for...shrimp! (this one went back into the water)

Hauling shrimp pots

The local gulls were on the look out for anything they could eat.

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