Thursday, September 14, 2017

Trying to Get Back on Track

Through the summer I've really taken my eye off my Etsy shop and it's been pretty quiet - my own fault really for not keeping up to date with changes in the website and for not keeping listing new items. I've been lucky that I've sold more locally and off-Etsy (through facebook e.g.) so it hasn't been TOO grim a situation.

However, now that things are getting more quiet at work I'm able to turn my focus back on Selkie Crochet again.

One of the recent changes to Etsy is that you are now allowed to post up to ten photos in each listing (it had previously been four - or five?) - so I thought I'd try and take some more diverse photos of my wrist warmers...

 I don't know if people will really bother clicking through all ten photos in a listing but it is giving me a better chance to show the detail and colours in my work.

I really want to go through the rest of my listings and take new/extra photos of them also but I started with the wrist warmer section.

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