Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Out and About in Boats..part one.

 For part of the summer there have been daily boat trips to Beginish Island - an uninhabited island next to Valentia. I had only been there once before, going beachcombing with JP from the ferry in a small punt, but this was an easy and comfortable way to get to the island so I twisted Peter's arm and we went over one afternoon in August.

 Look at how clean the beaches are! There was some rubbish washed up but not much, and the majority of it had been piled up in a corner of the beach, out of reach of the tide - I'm guessing it will be taken away so that it won't pose a threat to the sheep that live on the island.

I wish we had had time to climb up to the old look-out tower but we only had about an hour and a half on the island.

I could have happily spent a whole day exploring the island...

We walked through bracken and brambles to get back to the boat - it would have been easier to have gone back the way we'd came but I thought this would be an 'adventure'...it was a bit rough going but you live and learn! 

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