Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Magic and Sparkle

 Yay! The battery has charged up on my new camera so I've tried taking just a few photos to see how I get on with it (so far so good)

This is what's in my work basket at the moment -- for some reason I do like to go through 'phases' with my crochet -- so lately I've been working my way through the King Cole 'Galaxy' dk -- I have four different shades in my stash. Hopefully they will sell at the Christmas markets (this seems to be my mantra these days) as everyone likes a bit of 'bling' in the darker months.


 ..and I've been meaning to take a photo of this in recent days! Cathy Watson gave me two of these great big old glass battery jars when she was having a clear out -- I know I've posted about them before...anyway I've decided to use the bigger of the two as storage for all my oddments of yarn. They are little scrap balls that I make up when I've finished a pair of wrist warmers or whatever.

I think it'll look great when it's full (and then I can always take them out and use them up on other projects or donate them to someone who wants them) but it's going to take me a long while yet...

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