Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New Listings

As you can hopefully see, I've been busy lately! It's taken me a while to get round to getting these photographed and listed in my Etsy shop and Facebook page but it's all done now.

 I'm really hoping that some of these sequined wrist warmers will sell for me at the local Christmas markets. 

This is the last of the King Cole 'country tweed' that I have in this shade and it's been discontinued so I think that they will be the last pair that I will make in it. I do hate it when they discontinue yarns for no good reason - you'd understand if there was a fault or if the dye ran but when it's something that's a good seller it's a real shame.

I've been listing some of the items that were in Lucy's shop in the village through the Summer months - the more listings I have on Etsy the more hope I have of getting sales.

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