Wednesday, November 22, 2017

More New Listings...

This is the silvery grey sparkly scarf that I was working on - I brought it over on holiday to England with us as it is a bit slow to make. People at the markets are always asking if I have any scarves so at least I will this time round -- and I think they make the mannequin look a lot better (rather than sitting there with just a hat/headband on and a bare neck and shoulders)

This cowl is made with some wool that I was given as a present by a friend on the ferry - it was a NIGHTMARE to work with as it's one of those yarns where it's hard to see where the stitches are, but I really like it now that it's finished. It's 100% polyester but is so soft!

 And these two hats are ones that I've just remade in the last couple of days as the original versions had sold in my Etsy shop - again they are made with yarn that I was gifted (by a friend of one of my sisters this time) - I have enough in the blue for one more copy of the hat but I still have plenty of the silvery grey.

And finally, this is a hat that I made a while ago, using some of the yarn that I'd bought in New York city - from KnittyCity. I'd made it just as a plain hat - there was only just enough wool in the skein for the hat but wasn't happy with it just being plain so I was going to try making a toning flower in a different yarn. Then I found this great big button in my collection and it seemed just 'right'.

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