Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updated... :)

Wow those Autumnal wristers sold within a few hours of listing them on Etsy!!!

I've sent them off this morning so hopefully they will get to their new home really soon.

I've finished the blue wristers for Áine so will bring them in to work tomorrow and hopefully catch up with her some time over the next few days.

I'm working on another pair of blue ones now, for rush on these so I'm taking my time :)

I'd a message on facebook today to say that my wool order went off in today's post so just MAYBE it might come tomorrow? We'll see...

this is what I ordered

Tivoli Surf #924
King Cole Riot Double Knitting #406
Tivoli Tweed Aran #792
Tivoli Colour Blend Aran #622
Tivoli Colourblend Aran #620
Tivoli Ocean Aran #164
Tivoli Ocean Aran #162

so I can keep track of which ones I like the most

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