Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a new's a new day.....

Many thanks to the wonderful Carrie G for tidying up my blog and giving it a shiny new look. Oh I love it :)

A bit of an update on things crochet...I have had another sale!

The blue wristers sold really quickly (well, for me) and are all wrapped up in tissue paper ready for Peter to take them to the post office tomorrow and send them on their way to America. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The wristers in that colour yarn seem very popular - that's the second pair I've sold on Etsy and two people I know in person have bought them too. I really do love that yarn myself, I think it's my favourite's nice that other people like it too.

I bought some more of it from the Springwools shop recently - two balls of the blue, two balls of the same brand but in a kind of kingfisher/peacock tones, and two balls that remind me of jewel/gemstone colours.

I'm making a pair of wristers in the "kingfisher" yarn right now - nearly finished; all I need is to put the snazzy picot edging on the tops and bottoms and then take the photos.

I might take some photos of them half finished, it's nice (for me anyway) to have a record of what I've been working on rather than just have photos of the finished items.

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