Friday, September 3, 2010


I've spent most of today doing crochet/etsy things...bless Peter he's been very good, taking lots of photos (with direction from me)and has been so patient!

I'm tired now but very happy with what I've done so far. I still want to get some more photos taken of some of the items I've listed for sale on there but it's raining now so it will have to wait. I really like to take the photos outside if I can - the light's better, for one thing.

So I feel like my shop there is coming along now - I feel better for having had a tweak here and there and I really like the new photos (well done to Peter xxx)

He even took a photo of me which I actually like!!

As I have finished the ocean-y blue wristers I've now moved on to another pair - I could make these every day if only people would buy them! The new pair are sort of peacock or kingfisher colours and are so eyecatching. I love them already!


  1. You love utterly fabulous! People spend loads of 'professional models' and look at you - so lovely. Off to check out the shop and Peter's handiwork (under your direction *wink*)

  2. *blush* thanks so much for the +ve comments - flattery will get you everywhere!

    big big thanks for doing all the work with my blog, I LOVE it