Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sales and Orders :)

Things have been really picking up for me in the last few days - first selling the blue wristers on Etsy, then the lovely Helen from Growveg has placed an order for a fluffy blue cowl AND a pair of blue wristwarmers (I've finished the cowl and am about 1/4 way up the first wrister so far) and then today the wonderful Áine bought a bag and the pair of kingfisher wristers AND wants me to make her a pair of the blue ones too!!

Wow!! I've already spent some of the money on some of Carrie's fab greetings cards and I guess I'll try and save (ha ha!) the rest to use towards my next wool order :)

I'm wanting to buy some plain black yarn for wristers, and Helen said a friend of hers might take a pair in dark red


  1. Well done Rosemary, how exciting for you!! The colours you choose are sooo gorgeous xxxx

  2. Thanks Kate - I really must make some things for myself though! The tivoli yarn is just scrummy, it has 30% wool but isn't scratchy in the slightest :)